SCM player skins weightless
"Sono quel libro che nessuno legge perchè si fermano tutti alla copertina."



Shrek came out 13 years ago

I didn’t know shrek was gay

"Odio il silenzio, mi parla di troppe cose.”
— Kurt Cobain. (via 21giugno2011)
"Io non voglio essere diverso, voglio che sia differente quello che mi circonda.”
—       Chris, Skins (via inseguoimieipensieri)



so one time i was at the mall and then out of nowhere this guy put his arm around me and said hey but then i got really scared and so i screamed bYE AND WHILE I SPRINTED AWAY HE RAN AFTER ME AND YELLED WAIT COME BACK AND TO THIS DAY I DONT KNOW WHY THIS HAPPENED

fuck that was me